Created with ❤ in Washington, D.C., 2019

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How it Works

What if your next idea, co-founder, or friend was just two or three degrees outside your network and all you had to do was show up for dinner? 

The Loop is specifically designed to break down the social, financial, and emotional boundaries that make connecting professionally (and personally) difficult. 


Our city is filled with creative, brilliant, talented, and strong women. Each capable in our own right, but unstoppable when we come together and support each other.

Plus One

Organic growth comes from within.

Help expand The Loop by bringing a friend to each event you attend (look for discounted tickets). Having a buddy helps break the ice and increase our reach exponentially. 

Women Supporting Women

We're doubling down on our commitment to a woman powered community by partnering with women owned/run businesses to host our events. 

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